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Marijuana Dispensary getting raided? Get coverage!

Medical Marijuana Insurance Specialist Offers Pot Raid Coverage

This just in! Medical Marijuana Dispensary insurer MMD Insurance Specialists, now has you covered if you’re raided.

 From Insurance Journal:

“Medical cannabis dispensaries, collectives, cooperatives, cultivators and caregivers  operating within state guidelines have a new option to protect themselves. MMD Insurance Specialists now offers raid coverage for medical marijuana operations. In addition to working with one of the largest, A+ rated, international insurance carriers to develop the raid coverage program, MMD Insurance Specialists has allotted considerable resources to developing programs specifically designed to meet the evolving insurance needs of the medical cannabis community.”

Other underwriting nuggets: 

  •  Only available in states currently permitting the use of Medical Marijuana,. 
  • Does not cover property seizures conducted by federal enforcement agencies like the DEA.

2 Comments on Marijuana Dispensary getting raided? Get coverage!

Berts Daniel ... 1

Marijuana has many health benefits. This service is a great way for people who need it for medical purpose.

Posted date February 23rd, 2011 at 10:48 am
Long Island New York Insurance ... 2

If only medicinal marijuana was legal in my state. I’d be all over my commercial carrier relationships to start writing those risks.

This need is real. It is good to see some carriers are already coming on board…and A-rated to boot!

Thanks for sharing.

Posted date May 10th, 2011 at 4:59 pm

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